Monday, May 30, 2011

COlorado Photos, June 2009

These photos are by far my favorite nature/outdoor photos that I've ever taken. I was really blessed on this trip to CoLoRaDo because I had so many good opportunites and got a chance to snap so many amazing photos of God's beauty! Hmmm, probably another big reason why this was my all-time favorite vacation!

An unexpected encounter on the Boulder, Co boardwalk

 A view from Red Rocks

                                                                      Red Rocks, CO

                                                            1st pitch on the 1st Flat Iron.
                                               Climbed the 1st Flat Iron to get these next photos

                                              View of Boulder, Co from one of our belay stations

                                                     A view from higher up on the Flat Iron

                                             Breath taking views from the top of the 1st Flat Iron

                                                        View of 2nd Flat Iron from the 1st

                                                                   Flat Irons, Boulder, CO

                                                              Climbing in Boulder Canyon

                                                River we had to cross to climb in Boulder Canyon

                                                Exhausted from a day out in the CO wilderness!

                                            A squirrel enjoys part of our dinner on the boardwalk

                                                         Statue overlooking the mountains

                                              A six pointed elk at Rocky Mountain National Park

                                                                         Rock Chuck

                                                     Rock Chuck on top of continental divide

                                               Elk in a meadow at Rocky Mountain National Park

                                               Moose and Baby, Rocky Mountain National Park


                                                         On our way to Grand Junction, CO

                                                            Colorado National Monument

                                                                           Rifle Falls

                                                                          Rifle, CO

                                                     Cute Chipmunk at Hanging Lakes, CO

                                               Beautiful waterfalls on the hike up to Hanging Lakes

                                Beautiful lake and waterfalls on top of the mountains at Hanging Lakes